Sunday, 30 October 2016


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This is the last day of October. I can remember so well how I danced into my month lol. Honestly, it went pretty fast. This month has been awesome, I did not really do much this month. It was a busy month for me, school tests, proposals and so on. 

How did your month go? 
What are the highlights of your month? 
Well, for me, I would say my birthday, my class picnic. Omg!!! I have the best set of colleagues, they are more than awesome. Our FYB is going to be so dope!!! Then lastly, well... I met some amazing people, made new friends. In fact!!! every single day of this month has been a blessing.


Wow!!! Time really flies. It’s been such a long journey and doesn’t seem so long. I’ve been in this world for two complete decades, how has it been, this journey of life? 

Being brought into this world on the 21st day of October, 1996 in the early hours of Monday morning, specifically 4:00am. Who would have thought, that, the cute angel with bulging eyes would grow into this beautiful exotic lady, a Queen, a Courageous Woman. One with such a contagious personality, so awesome, so gracious, so free-spirited. It’s not been by my power, it’s been God all the way and the wonderful family I’ve been blessed with, the wonderful people I grew up with, the best kind of friends.

There were so many things I wanted to accomplish before turning twenty. Even though, some of those things are yet to be accomplished, I believe this is my year still. I'm just going to stay happy as usual, embrace my new age, stay peaceful, let my light shine before the world. In summary, live, love and laugh.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy new month guys. It's Libra season yeaaaah!!! My season and my month. I'm so excited. How has it been so far? Awesome yeah? If peradventure you haven't achieved all that wanted to achieve, don't lose hope or faith, there's still time to catch up on all that you have missed. I just made a little video of me showing off my skills lol. I'm just really thankful. Hope you enjoy every bit of it. Xoxo