Monday, 1 August 2016

Why are you afraid to fail?

Do you know that 80% of the people who are afraid of failure never truly succeed while the remaining 20% are stagnant? They remain at a spot because they are too afraid to take the next step for fear of the unknown.

Most times, we are inspired by our fears of failure rather than our dreams of success. No one in this world has it all figured out or worked out. It is all about taking chances which involves taking risks. You never know if that business is the right one for you or whether it is going to flourish, and this is where conviction comes in. When you are convinced about a particular line of work or convinced that you are at the right field, then give it all your best. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. You have to be thorough in whatever you do.

Most times, some people get too comfortable in being the second best because it has already been programmed in their minds that the best is simply much more experienced or skilled than they are and so don't bother breaking out from the shackles of "second".

The best of the best in this world were never born into the success they are known for, they worked for it. They knew that nothing good could come out of fear and laziness. Laziness is the inability to do the extra and most times we fail because we are unwilling to put in that extra effort.

The moment you realise that you can never reach the peak of your career or calling without taking risks, then nothing would take you by surprise or break you because you would have prepared your mind ahead of time. There is no true success story that never experienced failure or its trying times.

Failures, challenges, stumbling blocks only pave way to a glorious, beautiful and fulfilled life if and only if we stand up to it, face it and conquer it. So, why are you afraid to fail? There is no need to fear because there is always going to be a point in everyone's life that things are not going to be so rosy but you can't let that momentary challenge weigh you down. You are always going to have the ability to conquer such challenges, you just have to learn to overcome such challenges by believing in your ability to conquer it.

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