Saturday, 27 August 2016

Stop dreaming Start acting

Have you ever wondered why your friends that had the biggest dreams never actually brought them to realization?
Of course! we have really great dreamers who achieve very little. I can remember one of my really close friends telling me that those who dream a lot do nothing but dreaming because they rather live in their world of dreams than bring it to a reality. In my life experiences, I discovered that what he said is nothing but the truth, because, I am one of such DREAMERS. When you get into my thoughts, you will certainly get lost because it's all so rowdy in there.
                                          DREAMS TURN NIGHTMARE
Is there any possibility that some people's dreams end up turning to a nightmare which haunts them for life? Yes! It is absolutely possible. Do you know why? I will tell you. When all you can think about, talk about, breathe about is that one idea you've got; if care is not taken, it turns into your worst nightmare especially when you can't put it to action or see the possibility of it ever becoming visible. This doesn't mean that all our goals must easily come to an accomplishment but when we do not have the sound mind, clear thoughts and confidence we need to take on the task, it all starts crumbling and you end up seeing yourself with thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions that never come true.

Being yourself is the greatest thing you can ever achieve. Most people find it hard to find their inner most confidence, they rather put their confidence, their hope and their whole belief on someone that was once like them, on people who found themselves by believing in their strength. The greatest motivation in life is that which your inner mind gives to you. You are the only one that knows yourself. You are your own magic, your own charm. It is no the case that you can't  have "Mentors" or "Great Achievers" you look up to but believe in yourself and in your Creator, that is all you need. Even if ten million people should encourage and motivate you, the moment you can't establish your heart on what you believe in thereby building your confidence, all these things are a waste of time. We all should learn to give ourselves the best advice that no other person can give to us because we know ourselves better than anyone knows us.

So, to get rid of this dream turned nightmare, you must let your head breathe, open your heart to suggestions, organize your mind, feel the reality of your thoughts and ideas in every air you breathe and believe in its existence because once you believe, its real. So, you see, you have no excuse for not starting. Think big, start small!!! Stop dreaming and start acting on those dreams and great ideas.

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