Monday, 1 August 2016

Starting the month

Happy New month guys!!! Hope your July was eventful and ofcourse fruitful!!!
Well, it's a new month and I'm sure you guys are already setting plans and goals you would love to achieve before the end of the month. Before you do all these(if you haven't done it already), take a break for a second, take a deep breath and take a look at your life for the past 7months. Do you like what you've just seen(in your head ofcourse)? If "yes", then you are on the right track(but don't be too comfortable), if "no", don't waste your time in feeling bad, it's not too late. Go back to your set goals of the year which you probably wrote in the beginning of this year and mark the accomplished goals. Don't ever be in a rush to accomplish those goals, take your time to put your thoughts in order.
This is a new month and make every second count, don't stare at the time or complain that time is passing pretty fast but invest in every second of your time. Time is the most important commodity in the universe and so make it your bestfriend.


Start this month like you've never done before. Be the person you'd be proud of tomorrow. Don't take decisions or actions that you'd eventually regret. Make plans and take decisions that would bring you closer to achieving your goals. Don't  let anything or anyone hold you back from achieving those goals and fulfilling your purpose because at the end of the day, you'll discover that fulfilling your purpose is all that matters.

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