Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Who is your favorite Kardashian/Jenner???

So I grew up watching this family on E! I like the fact that they consistently put up a show. Watching them for years has been interesting.

The power of K!!!

Starting with the Kardashian Sisters, when you hear the name KARDASHIAN, who comes to your mind? For me....KIM!!! Yes Kim, she's a hard worker. She's also known for her scandals but that's in the past right? Lol. I just love her. Enough of Kim, so, there's Kourtney(our favorite mum) and Khloe(the gym junkie).
Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West
Khloe Kardashian

Khloe used to be the chubby one but damn she's so hawt now!!! She got this amazing, jaw dropping body out of hardwork and determination. She should be everyone's fitness inspiration right? 

It's Jenner time!!!
Kendal is in her own lane, focusing on her modeling career. She's a Victoria Secrets Angel. She's got this slender body and this amazing height. 
Kendal Jenner

Kendal doing her thing

So, it's time for the baby of the house....KING KYLIE lol. She is absolutely gorgeous. She's a fashion icon, she is a role model to so many teenagers. Her lipkit is one of the highlights of the season.
Kylie Jenner
Kylizzle showcasing some flesh and curvessss
It's still one big family despite their differences. 
So, who is your favorite Kardashian/ Jenner? I don't think I have an absolute favorite but I love Kim and Kylie😊

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