Monday, 25 July 2016

Jenifa Craze

OMG!!! Jenifa's diary is the bomb!
 This is one of my best series. She has taken over. I'm deeply in love with this series. 
 Funke Akindele AKA Jenifa is an amazing Actress and she has a great personality. She is just too funny lol. Who doesn't like Jenifa? There is always something to laugh about. One great thing I like about this series is the fact that it's not just hilarious but it teaches moral values.

Jenifa's expressions are priceless. Her accent is raw and rare.
Who doesn't like Jenifa's diary? It has become an obsession. It's in everyone's phone, tab, laptop, desktop and so on lol.

Her versatility has paved way to her success.

She's so free with her fans and this has won her the love and support they show her. This series covers a lot concerning our social life. I'm a big fan and will keep being a fan to the end.

She is sure slaying.
This is no joke, Jenifa's diary is going nowhere, it has come to stay. This is coming from her biggest fan lol.
Are you a fan???

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