Sunday, 24 July 2016

From Akeelah to Keeks

I was a great fan of Akeelah and the Bee while growing up. I watched the movie a couple of times. It's a very inspirational movie. Lauren Keyana Palmer aka Keke Palmer played an amazing role as "Akeelah" which of course was her breakthrough role. So many young children looked up to her. Who would believe that small Akeelah would grow into this amazing, strong and energetic young woman.

Keke has proven to us that she is no more the little girl in "Akeelah and the bee" but a grown woman now. She is rocking the fashion world.

Keke showing off her accessorized chest


Joyful noise Mother-daughter reunion
Don't they look so much alike? Lol

             Keeks is always slaying. She's got her own style and she is absolutely gorgeous.

Cute smile

Keke is still one of the realest stars I know. She's so open-minded and really cool with her fans.
We all love Keke!!! Don't we???

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