Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Bracelet is the new watch

What's that piece of jewelry that you just can't do without or is one of your essentials. I know some might say "earrings",  " necklaces ", "rings" and so Well,  for is BRACELET.  I don't think I have ever gone out without at least a single one on my wrist.
Riri flaunting her bracelets
Can you see any watch on Rihanna's wrist? Ofcourse not! This is to show you how much bracelets have taken over. Be it charm barcelets, bangles, shamballa bracelets, chains, leather cords, bands and so on, they are the real deal. Most times, I don't look at my wrist watch whenever I want to check the time, sometimes I even forget I'm wearing one lol. Our smart phones and Iphones are usually with us and so, time is constantly staring in our faces through the phones.

Bracelets are a unique way to add colour and style to an outfit. 
Aren't they so lovely? There are no limitations when it comes to wearing bracelets. You wear it as you feel it. I love them because they are just so lovely and most times really affordable.
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