Saturday, 30 July 2016

12 miniskirts that flatter every body type

While growing up, I noticed that skirts weren't really my thing because I just didn't feel so comfortable since it required me acting like a lady especially when it was time to sit lol, weird right??? Well, I was more into jeans, leggings, infact trousers and shorts in generally(basically anything with two legs lol).

Amidst all the fringed denim and '60s vibes, there's still one miniskirt style that outperforms the rest: the A-line skirt. Most times people look down on these skirts as just a regular piece of clothing, nothing interesting. But with its slim waist and flared hip, it complements every body type which makes it the best silhouette. Check out some of the beautiful A-line miniskirts that caught my eyes...



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