Sunday, 31 July 2016

Proud mum Tonto Dikeh glows in new photos

Mother of one and lovely Actress, Tonto Dikeh glows in new photos...

So,  what do y'all think about her baby fat? 
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The Hadid Sisters

Who are they? They've officially become fashion icons. Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are slowly taking over the fashion world.
These beautiful ladies are daughters of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and former model Yolanda Foster and wealthy property developer Mohamed Hadid. They appeared on the show as teenagers, mostly leaving the house to go riding or watching as Yolanda packs and unpacks their belonging, became It Girls and have since been signed to IMG Models and are, well, everywhere(Cannes, New York and the Daily Mail sidebar 17 times between them. Previously? Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel and Balmain catwalks).

These cute Supermodel sisters also have similar taste in men when it comes to not dating regular guys but ofcourse....celebrities. While Gigi is in a hot sizzling relationship with Zayn Malik, Bella, on the other hand is in a romantic relationship with The Weekend.  

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Photos of some of our fav stars with and without makeup

I'm sure some of you have never seen some of your favourite stars without makeup. I mean no makeup at all, not even a slight makeup or a forged no makeup look. There are actually a few of them that I'm going to show you soon that I have never seen without makeup. So, I was excited to have seen them lol. Fasten your seat belts lol and let's check these hilarious photos together(some of them were still cute without the makeup tho). Let's go!!!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

12 miniskirts that flatter every body type

While growing up, I noticed that skirts weren't really my thing because I just didn't feel so comfortable since it required me acting like a lady especially when it was time to sit lol, weird right??? Well, I was more into jeans, leggings, infact trousers and shorts in generally(basically anything with two legs lol).

Amidst all the fringed denim and '60s vibes, there's still one miniskirt style that outperforms the rest: the A-line skirt. Most times people look down on these skirts as just a regular piece of clothing, nothing interesting. But with its slim waist and flared hip, it complements every body type which makes it the best silhouette. Check out some of the beautiful A-line miniskirts that caught my eyes...



Friday, 29 July 2016

Best makeup looks to a casual outing

Have you ever been in a situation where someone taunted you or mocked you for being overdressed for an occasion or for having too much makeup??? Yes, I know some of you have been in such situations or similar ones. Sometimes, you see some ladies wearing bridal makeup to the office or to an evening outing with friends. That is totally awkward and so don't blame anyone that taunts you for putting on such heavy makeup because it is absolutely weird. There is something called "too much!!!" lol. So, I am going to show you the best make up looks for casual outing(I'm actually a nude lover BTW. Nudes rock!!!)

I'm sure you are tired of seeing the nudes but honestly, nudes are perfect for casual outings because whether you apply too much or not, no one is going to judge you or even notice because you'll simply be hiding under the mask of nude lips and eyes. Then you could also consider light pink or probably peach lips. Just warm colours are perfect for casual outings. You wouldn't want to scare the hell outta the person or people you're hanging out with lol. What do y'all think???

Kendal the choker Queen

Choker is a trend that goes on and off. It is a simple accessory that could change an entire outfit. Who wears it better than the supermodel, Kendal Jenner? She is known for taking comfort to a trendy level by turning a casual outfit into major statement looks by just an addition of a simple accessory. Whether it is thin, thick, metal or fabric, this Kendal's approved accessory instantly adds covetable style. See photos of her rocking 90s-inspired choker necklace.